Thursday, 27 June 2013

Tuesday Open Mic Nights

WOW. I just got back from singing my first open mic night and WOW. It was...really different from anything that I've ever done before. Usually, I do little recitals or do sing a song in church in which I only ever sing one song. The closest thing I've ever done to an open mic is sing a few songs with my dad at a Labor Day party, and there he usually does all the talking.

Here, it was all me. I had to introduce the songs and talk during the dead space while the piano was getting set up for each song. It was weird. Anyone that knows me knows that while I'm perfectly fine singing in front of people, talking in front of people is a whole different story.  I feel very awkward and I strongly dislike the sound of my voice through a speaker.

Luckily for me, the crowd tonight wasn't huge, and they were all very welcoming to the "newbie." Even so, I still managed to mess up the words to "A Thousand Years" one really seemed to care though. Hopefully I'll get to go back sometime soon!

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